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Password Crackers, Inc. offers services and software to convert your America Online (AOL)® Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc) files and items to Microsoft Outlook® (.pst) format, Netscape® format, or Text (.txt) format.
America Online (AOL)® offers users the option to store incoming/read and sent email items in the AOL® Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc). AOL® can store these items in the Personal Filing Cabinet on the user’s local hard disk automatically if the user chooses this option. These items can then be reviewed by opening the Personal Filing Cabinet in AOL®. The Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc) is stored on the local hard disk in a proprietary AOL® format. In addition to email items, the Personal Filing Cabinet can store newsgroup messages, downloaded files, favorite places and the user’s address book (as well as some other items.) The Personal Filing Cabinet is usually stored on the users hard disk in the AOL® directory in a subdirectory called organize. It will have the same name as the users’ AOL® screen name and no extension.
Password Crackers, Inc. offers a conversion service to convert data in the AOL® proprietary Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc) format to either text format (.txt), Netscape® format, or Microsoft Outlook® format (.pst) so that users can access these email items without using AOL®. All Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc) email items can be converted to either .pst or .txt formats. Newsgroup postings (if any) can only be converted to .txt or Netscape® format, since Microsoft Outlook® does not store newsgroup postings. We do not convert the list of downloaded files. Addressbooks are converted to Outlook (.pst) format and Favorite Places are returned as a favorites.htm file which can be imported directly into Internet Explorer or other browsers. At this time the service is only available to users on PC compatible platforms. We do not currently offer the service for users on Mac platforms. We can convert mail items from all PC versions of AOL®.
Password Crackers, Inc.’s AOL® Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc) conversion service is $75/PFC for files returned in Outlook® .pst format. This includes conversion of AOL® stored email, Addressbook and Favorites. For files returned in other formats, files that contain newsgroup items, or bulk file conversions, please contact us first by email for a written quote.

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