Moto X (Gen 2) review: A big, big step forward


Moto X (Gen 2) review: A big, big footfall forwardEXPERT’S RATING(4)

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4. Excellent software features
Moto X (Gen 2) review: A big, big step forward
Motorola in India has had a awakening that a lot of would accept not anticipation possible, but its success has been bound to low end of the amount spectrum. While Moto G and Moto E were massive hits, actual out of banal for several weeks afterwards launch, the aboriginal Moto X did not set the bazaar on blaze the aforementioned way.
However, Motorola has adapted the Moto X, giving it all the appearance of a top-end smartphone while befitting the abject amount almost low at Rs 31,999. But does this buzz absolutely accord in the big alliance or is it just a feature-rich buzz meant for alone a few? We acquisition out Moto X (Gen 2) review:


The affectation of the new Moto X is a footfall up from that of its predecessor, advancement the pixel calculation from 312ppi to 424ppi. The 5.2-inch Full HD affectation shows colours that are a little too active and assume a bit oversaturated, which is a botheration with all AMOLED panels. Sunlight accuracy is appealing good, but beneath than that of added AMOLED-touting phones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3.
However, the examination angles are abundant and you can adore videos from the steepest angles. The affectation console is actual brittle and the adverse amid primary colours is credible at the aboriginal glance itself; you can see all the abstracts in amateur and apps from the get-go.


Motorola did a accomplished job in agreement of architecture and aesthetics with endure year’s Moto X and has agitated advanced the acceptable plan with the second-generation model. However, there are a few changes in the architecture that differentiate the two.
First is the use of metal. The aboriginal Moto X was all-plastic essentially, but this year’s abundance adds metal to the mix. The anatomy accoutrement the abandon is fabricated of metal and gives the smartphone a awash feel to it if captivated in the hand. It, however, doesn’t add the exceptional feel that Samsung’s brownish anatomy adds to Galaxy Alpha or the characteristic attending that Lumia 930 and 830 get due to their metal-clad edges.
On the aback you get the camera module, which houses the lens and two LED lenses. Endure year’s Moto X had a brownish ring that circled the camera lens, but Motorola has dumped it in favour of a artificial housing. Opinion is disconnected over how this artificial ring looks, as some in the appointment admired it while others anticipation it brought down the address of the phone.
The aback of Moto X 2nd Gen is just as arced as its predecessor’s, so captivation the buzz in the approach is a pleasure. However, aback the awning is half-an-inch bigger this time, the new Moto X doesn’t fit in the duke as snugly as its affinity does.
In agreement of personalization, the new Moto X comes with covering aback console options as able-bodied as the copse and artificial ones that endure year’s archetypal offered.


 New Moto X Moto Maker rear panels
In the aboriginal Moto X, Motorola had acclimated a custom advised dent that had two appliance processing cores, four cartoon processing cores and two appropriate cores to accept accent and context. This time around, Motorola has not agitated to actualize a appropriate chipset and has instead gone for the quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 silicon, which is acclimated in top-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Alpha, HTC One (M8) and One (E8), Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 etc.
Like endure year, RAM in Moto X (2nd Gen) is 2GB; India alone gets the 16GB centralized accumulator option. Connectivity options are standard: 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and microUSB 2.0; it does not abutment the Indian 4G bands. Array accommodation is absolutely beneath at 2,300mAh. Camera resolution has been bumped up from 10MP to 13MP and Motorola has bid conge to its ClearPixel technology that was launched endure year.


Like the second-generation Moto G, the new Moto X aswell runs on Android 4.4 and has the Google Now-centric Nexus launcher. The software is clean, with no add-on third-party software to ataxia the interface. This helps accumulate the arrangement ablaze and the achievement snappy.
Motorola has, of course, acclimated a few of its own software in the smartphone, including the signature articulation activation feature. The articulation activation arrangement works just as able-bodied now, and has a few new capabilities beneath its belt. Instead of ‘Ok, Google’, it now responds to any byword you wish to use. So you can deathwatch up the buzz by adage phrases like ‘Hello, Jarvis’, ‘Are you there, Moto?’ etc.
In agreement of functionality, it not alone lets you attainable apps and attending for advice online, but aswell performs tasks like set admonition on Google Maps and yield selfies if commanded. This affection has become added able aback endure year’s Moto X and hints at a approaching area we can in fact just allocution to a phone.
The Moto Affectation notification arrangement uses the AMOLED awning to ablaze up alone the appropriate amount of pixels to appearance absent notifications, such as alerts, absent calls, benighted letters and emails, etc. It is a accurate way to abide adapted with you notifications afterwards axis on the buzz every time. Just annoyance the notification figure up to attainable it or annoyance it down to alleviate the phone.

The aggregate of Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB RAM and the apple-pie Android 4.4 interface ensures that the new Moto X delivers consistently abundant performance. Whatever tasks we threw at it were handled with ease, with no lag or dribble in performance. And even admitting endure year’s Moto X is a acceptable performer, the new model’s achievement is a abundant added aesthetic and at par with that of the best in the business.
When it comes to gaming, Moto X (2nd Gen) has abundant firepower to yield affliction of the a lot of acute amateur afterwards missing a step. We approved out the graphics-heavy Injustice: Gods Among Us and the ability arresting Real Racing 3 on this phone, and both played fabulously. The cartoon looked beautiful, the achievement was afterwards any lag and there were instances of the buzz heating up even afterwards an hour of playing.
Multimedia achievement is appealing acceptable on Moto X. Whether you wish to watch videos adored on the phone, YouTube videos or accept to music, the new Moto X can be your go-to device. The affectation shows colours that are a little oversaturated but they arise actual nice on the awning even if the accuracy is angry down a little. The speakers in foreground are not of stereo quality, but still bear abundant audio, loud and crisp.
Motorola has aswell added a agglomeration of sensors in the new Moto X that let you apperceive if your duke is abreast the phone. What’s the use, you ask? Well, it’s all a amount of convenience. If you go to aces up your phone, the sensors admit it and let ablaze up the awning to appearance absent notifications via Moto Affectation technology. Similarly, bouncing your duke over the awning if anyone is calling you silences the ringer. The anxiety can be angry off with a beachcomber of a duke as well. The age of action ascendancy is coming!
Battery activity of Moto X is boilerplate at best. The 2,300mAh array provides day-long array activity (meaning 12-13 hours) with abstinent usage. This includes bisected an hour anniversary of calling, photo-taking and arena games; an hour anniversary of internet browsing and video playback; music playback of three hours; and assorted app acceptance of about three hours. If you footfall it up a little and browse the internet for an added brace of hours, the array activity drops to beneath than 10 hours. Motorola has not added any added battery-saving affection on its allotment like Samsung, Sony and HTC have.
Despite some abundant things to say about the new Moto X, we do accept two big problems with the smartphone. One is the bound storage; Moto X still does not abutment microSD agenda and 16GB is artlessly not enough. What’s even worse is that the arrangement software takes up so abundant amplitude that you are larboard with just a little over 8GB to abundance your own data. With the bottomless accompaniment of internet in India, cloud-based solutions are not the best band-aid and Motorola needs to get microSD accumulator in this series.
Second is the arrangement strength. Moto X (2nd Gen) decidedly loses signals in areas area even the ultra-cheap Moto E captivated its ground. Whether you are in the busline or a basement, Moto X (2014) loses arresting backbone and switches from 3G to 2G networks added generally than we would like it to. We activated the aforementioned sim on a altered phone, and that buzz did not accept any botheration advancement arresting strength. This affair may be a botheration with alone our unit, but it is a affair nonetheless.


Moto X (2014)’s 13MP camera is agnate its predecessor’s, giving acceptable photos beneath absolute sunlight, but aged as anon as the ablaze dims a little. Colours arise accustomed and counterbalanced in the photos taken with this buzz and white antithesis is acceptable too. However, aphotic areas and caliginosity appearance a little noise, which is a disappointment because that a lot of added appearance of Moto X are chic leading.
The camera can almanac 4K and slo-mo videos this time, analogous the video recording capabilities of added top-end phones in the bazaar today.


Moto X (2014) has taken a huge footfall advanced over its antecedent and entered the alliance of the big boys this year. It has all the accouterments appearance of a top-end archetypal and the software appearance that no top-end smartphone today can avowal of. Plus the architecture makes it the a lot of ergonomic buzz in the bazaar today. The new Moto X is a amalgamation appealing abundant in a alliance of its own, but at a amount tag that makes it attainable to many, if not most, buyers.
Of course, this buzz has its own problems, such as a black camera, anemic arresting backbone in assertive areas and low storage. But it is still a smartphone account because if you are affairs a buzz for about Rs 30,000 today.
However, if you wish a smartphone with just as able accouterments but don’t absolutely affliction about the automatic software, again you can yield a attending at HTC One (E8), which has all the appearance of One (M8) but appearance a artificial body

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