Microsoft Investing in Cyanogen, Which Wants to Take Android from Google


Microsoft Investing in Cyanogen, Which Wants to Take Android from Google

Microsoft is preparing for a more recent and sudden battle with Google. This time, Microsoft plans to require on robot by investment in gas.
Cyanogen may be a startup that makes and maintains its own version of robot. gas is presently being employed within the OnePlus One, the flagship killer, a smartphone that has garnered rave reviews last year.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is investment $70 million in gas that is best proverbial for its made-to-order version of robot. gas has reportedly raised $100 million thus far. this could be noted that gas recently refused a proposal from Google Associate in Nursingd hopes to measure its dream of being an open version of robot alive.
“Microsoft would be a minority investor in a roughly $70 million round of equity financing that values Cyanogen in the high hundreds of millions.”
What could be Microsoft’s intentions?
This is necessary and weird as a result of Microsoft is owner of its terribly own Windows Phone package and is gears up for the future launch of Windows ten for mobile devices. This move of Microsoft are often attributed to its commitment to embrace open supply and perhaps some mischief.
Cyanogen claims to own a team of nine,000 volunteer
computer code developers.

“We’re going to take Android away from Google.”

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Apart from completely different versions of mechanical man for the smartphone manufacturers, Google conjointly releases the mechanical man core below Associate in Nursing ASCII text file license. This version is free for everyone and anyone will use and modify or fork this core while not linking the Google services. the simplest examples area unit Amazon’s product that run on forked mechanical man. These freelance versions area unit already very talked-about in China wherever Google has struggled to depart its mark.
These kinds of mechanical man versions, that don’t seem to be below Google’s management, area unit a tangle for Google as a result of not each forked version promotes and uses Google’s services and thence, Google makes no cash. thanks to this Microsoft’s investment in gas, it’ll be more durable for Google to bring all version of mechanical man below its management.
Microsoft and gas, each have declined to comment. By investment in gas, Microsoft will get additional users and claim a much bigger share of the mobile market. below the new corporate executive Satya Nadella, Microsoft has shown such commitments to open supply within the past.

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