Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons


Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons

Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Gmail is the best email client around, and chances are you use it all day, every day. It’s also filled with tricks, shortcuts, and time-saving tools you can use to kick the crap out of your email. Today, we’re going into exhaustive overdrive, covering all our favorite Gmail tricks, both old and new. Even if you already consider yourself a Gmail ninja, there’s bound to be something here you haven’t yet discovered.
It’s been a few years since we talked about our favorite advanced Gmail features, and with Google rolling out a new Gmail interface to everybody, now’s the perfect time to get re-acquainted. Here’s an overview of the tips we’ll be covering (click on a link to jump ahead to that section):
  1. Tweaking Gmail’s New Layout
  2. Mouse Shortcuts
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Advanced Searches and Filters
  5. Useful Settings You Should Enable
  6. Gmail Labs You Should Enable
  7. Extensions and Userscripts
  8. Manage All Your Email Accounts from Gmail
  9. Integrate Gmail with the Desktop
  10. Further Reading

Tweaking Gmail’s New Layout

The new interface offers you a trifle additional management over the approach your inbox appearance, which implies you’ll be able to more customise Gmail to fit your preferences. Here ar some of the items you’ll be able to do:
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsMaster the New Gmail with the following pointers, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons

Change the show Density:

Upon initial sanctioning the New Look, you’ll likely notice it is not quite as space-efficient because the recent layout. it is a bit easier to browse, and if you have got an enormous monitor, it would be fine—but if you favor the density of the recent layout, you’ll be able to apprehend back by striking the Settings cog within the higher right-hand corner of your Inbox (the one right on top of the Inbox, not on the gray toolbar at the highest of the page) and selecting “Cozy” or “Compact” as your layout. “Compact” is extremely almost like the recent layout, whereas “Cozy” may be a happy medium between “Comfortable” and “Compact”. Note that if you have got atiny low screen and your browser is not maximized, Gmail can mechanically regulate the density consequently.

Inbox Type:

Google’s extra a replacement feature that splits you inbox up into some completely different blocks, therefore you’ll be able to see your most vital emails at a look (note that, whereas similar, this feature remains break away the Multiple Inboxes Lab).. Head to the Inbox tab of Gmail’s settings to alter it. below “Inbox Type”, you have got some chioces, chiefly deciding if any messages ar shown especially your different messages within the inbox. you’ll be able to opt to show marked, unread, or vital messages in their own separate very little box on top of everything else. you’ll be able to conjointly select the Priority Inbox layout, which mixes all the opposite choices, golf stroke vital and uninformed messages at the terribly prime, with marked messages in their own box below that, with the remainder of your inbox under it. you’ll be able to tweak these inbox sections by clicking the “Options” or “Add Section” button next to the section in question.

Gmail Priority Inbox Finds and types vital Messages mechanically
/:16 Google’s new Priority Inbox feature not solely types your inbox, however it conjointly figures out…

Mouse Shortcuts

Sometimes, checking off messages and archiving, deleting, or applying labels will look like it takes forever. Gmail contains a few shortcuts inherent for creating the inbox easier. Here ar some of our favorites.

Drag and  Drop Labels:


Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsApplying labels has gotten a trifle tougher within the most up-to-date version of Gmail. Now, you wish to ascertain a message, choose the label from the “Labels” dropdown, and hit the “Apply” button at rock bottom of the dropdown menu—which I invariably forget to try to to. {a much|a approach|a far} easier way, if you are a mouse user, is to only drag the label from the left sidebar onto the message itself. instead, if you have got keyboard shortcuts enabled, simply hit “l” on your keyboard, kind the primary few letters of the label you would like, and hit Enter—it’ll in real time apply that label to any or all checked messages.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to drag a message—from the left fringe of its row—to a label to get rid of it from your inbox and apply solely that label, if you favor to use labels additional like folders.
Shift-Click to pick out Multiple Messages:
 If you would like to pick out an enormous block of messages, you do not got to check each box severally. sort of a native program on your laptop, you’ll be able to check the upmost box, hold Shift, then check the box at rock bottom to pick out an outsized chunk of messages in only some clicks.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsIf you are a keyboard lover, you’ll be able to navigate nearly the whole Gmail interface while not ever touching the mouse. To alter them, head to the overall tab of Gmail’s settings and press “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts”. There ar plenty of keyboard shortcuts, however these ar a number of the foremost useful:
Master the New Gmail with the following pointers, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Navigate Messages with j and k: From the inbox read, you’ll be able to cycle through messages with the “j” and “k” keys (j to travel down, k to travel up). Doing this would possibly not choose the messages with a checkbox, however it’ll highlight them with a skinny blue line on the left aspect of its row, showing you that it’s able to be acted upon.
Open Messages with o: 

once a message is highlighted within the inbox, you’ll be able to open it by striking Enter or sound “o” on the keyboard. Note that after messages ar open, you’ll be able to still cycle through them with j and k.

Master the New Gmail with the following pointers, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsMove Through a Thread with n and p: If you would like to look at past messages in an exceedingly longer thread, you’ll be able to use n and p to spotlight messages in an exceedingly thread a bit like you utilize j and k to spotlight messages within the inbox. Pressing the n key higlights succeeding message, whereas p highlights the previous message, and you’ll be able to expand a highlighted message by pressing the “o” key—again, a bit like within the inbox read.

Select Messages with x:

 If you would like to ascertain that message’s box—so you’ll be able to add a label, move it to a replacement folder, or whatever—just hit the x key on your keyboard.
Master the New Gmail with the following pointers, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsApply Labels with l: As delineated  on top of, you’ll be able to apply a label to a message by striking the “l” key, typewriting within the initial few letters of the label you would like, and pressing Enter. you’ll be able to do that once you are viewing the message in question, or from the inbox if you have checked the message’s box.
Star, Spam, Archive, and Trash Messages: you’ll be able to star messages with the “s” key, mark them as spam with “!”, archive it with “e”, or delete it with “#”. you’ll be able to do that either from the message read or when lightness a message within the inbox.
Compose, Reply, and Forward Messages: 
almost like the on top of, you’ll be able to compose a replacement message by striking “c”, reply to a message with “r” (or reply all with “a”), and forward it by pressing “f”. If you hold Shift whereas pressing one amongst these keys, it’s going to open the compose read in an exceedingly new window, that is handy if you would like to consult another email whereas writing one.
Master the New Gmail with the following pointers, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsBring Up the additional Actions Menu with the amount Key: For your lesser-used actions, you’ll be able to hit “.” to name the additional Actions menu. This permits you to mark all messages as browse, or mark elite messages as uninformed, additionally to muting a particular spoken language, adding it to tasks, or filtering messages a bit like it.
Mark things as vital with the + and – Keys:
 If you utilize Priority Inbox, you’ll be able to mark messages as vital with the “+” key (or rather, the = key, since you do not got to hold shift once pressing it) and mark them as unimportant with the – key. This helps Gmail perceive what’s and is not vital to you, therefore Priority Inbox will have additional correct filters.
Jump to completely different Views: To quickly jump to a unique a part of your inbox—such as marked messages, Drafts, All Mail, Contacts, or more—you will hit the “g” key (for “Go”) and one amongst the subsequent keys in real time afterward:
g then i goes to your inbox
g then s goes to your marked messages
g then t goes to Sent Messages
g then d goes to Drafts
g then a goes to any or all Mail
g then c goes to Contacts
g then k goes to Tasks
g then l then the label name goes to it label
These ar simply some of our favourite shortcuts. There ar a lot of different keyboard shortcuts, and you’ll be able to see all of them in one handy cheat sheet by striking Shift + / on your keyboard (also called typewriting the “?” key). it would take a trifle to urge wont to a number of the keyboard shortcuts, however once you are doing, you will be able to navigate the inbox plenty quicker.

Advanced Searches and Filters That assist you notice something

Master the New Gmail with the following pointers, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsWhile several of you’ll be wont to ancient email folders—where you file away messages into classes for straightforward retreival—Gmail has opted for a additional search-based philosophy, within which you’ll be able to perform terribly advanced searches throughout your entire inbox mistreatment operators. as an example, to look for a message from Adam with a subject matter containing the words “navigation app”, you’d kind this in Gmail’s search bar:
from:adam subject:”navigation app”
You can perform these searches on the spot, or produce advanced filters that apply labels, archive, or otherwise act on email as presently because it comes in. I will not move into detail on the way to produce these advanced searches, since we’ve talked concerning it at length before—so cross-check our feature on building advanced Gmail searches for additional data.

Useful Settings you must modify

Apart from mastering sure skills, you’ll be able to modify a couple of settings in Gmail’s preferences to actually get the foremost out of your inbox. Here area unit a number of our favorites (all of that area unit underneath the overall tab of Gmail’s settings):
Always Use HTTPS:
 Checking this ensures that Gmail invariably uses a secure association, that protects you from folks sniffing around your email. For a lot of info, chck out our explainer on what HTTPS is and why you must care concerning it

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External Content: Gmail does not load pictures in email mechanically, which may be quite annoying—when you wish to envision them, you’ve got to click “load images” each time. Marking this setting can mechanically load pictures in messages from any address to whom you’ve got sent email double (“trusted senders”), somewhat negating this annoyance.
Master the New Gmail with the following tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsSuperstars permits you to use multiple colours and kinds of stars to differentiate marked messages from one another. It’s smart if you wish to mark multiple messages as vital, however as having completely different sorts of importance—whether it’s simply “more important” or whether or not one suggests that “follow up” and one suggests that “to do”. simply drag stars from very cheap row to the “In Use” row, and each time you star a message, you’ll be able to cycle through the in use stars by clicking on the star icon next to the message.

Personal Level Indicators:

This displays atiny low arrow next to messages sent to a listing, and a double arrow next to messages sent specifically to you. That means you’ll be able to see, at a look, that emails may well be a lot of vital or personal as a result of they were sent to you and not a bunch of individuals.

Experimental Labs that Power Up Gmail
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
If you head to the Labs section of Gmail’s preferences, you’ll be able to modify a bunch of recent, experimental options created by members of the Gmail team. There area unit a large amount of nice labs in there, therefore we propose you leaf through them yourself, however a number of our favorites include:
Master the New Gmail with the following tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Canned Responses: 
If you discover yourself causing an explicit form of message over and once again, you’ll be able to place them into a “canned response” to avoid wasting you typewriting. simply choose one among your canned responses within the compose type and it will fill out your email for you (and you’ll be able to edit it as you please). Of course, you’ll be able to additionally accomplish this with text growth.
How to Use Text Expansion to Save Yourself Hours of Typing Every Week
Quick Links:
 this adds a box to Gmail’s left sidebar that permits you to bookmarker any computer address in Gmail and quickly access it—whether it is a frequent search you run, individual messages, or anything.
Multiple Inboxes:
 Gmail incorporates a version of this created in its preferences, however if you do not just like the default inbox layouts it provides, you’ll be able to build your own with Multiple Inboxes. you’ll be able to list any label or search as its own block in your inbox read, that is nice for all forms of things—like exploitation Gmail as your one-stop communication hub.
Gmail’s new SmartLabels science lab mechanically filters incoming email into “Bulk”, “Notification”, and “Forum” messages. you’ll be able to modify the filters if want be, however it is a great way to envision at a look that messages may well be spammy or notification-oriented while not making your own filters.
Master the New Gmail with the following tips, Shortcuts, and Add-Ons
Unread Message Icon: 
Master the New Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and Add-OnsThis adds atiny low range to Gmail’s favicon, therefore you’ll be able to see what number uninformed messages you’ve got notwithstanding you are not presently staring at your Inbox—just check Gmail’s tab. This solely works in updated versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
Undo Send: 
this provides you a amount of anyplace between five and thirty seconds to undo the causing of any messages once you hit Send (you get to decide on the window of time).
Gmail incorporates a ton of different labs offered for experimentation, therefore if this possesses you curious, look at our lists of the most effective Gmail labs here and here.
check out our lists of the best Gmail labs here and here.

Browser Extensions and Userscripts That customise Gmail Even more

While Gmail contains many customizations in its own settings panel, you’ll be able to tweak it even more exploitation extensions for your browser. We’ve mentioned most of those before, therefore we cannot enter them too deeply here. Instead, look at these previous roundups of our favourite Gmail extensions:

Fix Gmail’s Newest Annoyances with These Userstyles and Userscripts: 

this can be a set of userstyles and userscripts for the new Gmail layout, that fixes its very little annoyances or powers it up even a lot of. If you are just shift to the new Gmail, positively check all of those out. they will add Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

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Better Gmail two and Its Associated Userscripts: 
These tweaks—which you’ll be able to grab as one Firefox extension or as individual userscripts that employment in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari—add variety of options to Gmail to create your inbox easier to browse. whether or not it’s adding attachment icons to your inbox read, lightness messages as you mouse over them, or activity the Chat box, you are guaranteed to notice a tweak or 2 in here that you just like.
Minimalist Everything for Chrome:
This extension contains tweaks for all of your favorite sites, together with Gmail—and it’s still the most effective Gmail tweaker we have seen however. It will take away ads, hide the chat box, modification the links at the highest of the screen (that cause different Google Services), show desktop notifications, associated even set Gmail as your default mail consumer (so clicking on an email address in Chrome can open up Gmail rather than another service). If you utilize Chrome and Gmail, this can be essential extension.
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Manage all of your Email Accounts from Gmail
Gmail is associate awful mail consumer, and notwithstanding a number of your accounts are not Gmail accounts, you’ll be able to still manage them from Gmail’s powerful, configurable inbox. To do this, you only got to created Gmail taking and Gmail’s “send as” feature—which we’ve elaborated before, therefore we cannot enter it here. however if you’ve got multiple addresses, this makes managing them alittle easier. Plus, couple it with the Multiple Inboxes science lab, and you have got yourself a strong, multi-account inbox read.
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Integrate Gmail with the Desktop
Gmail will nearly everything it has to right from the online, however it might use a couple of further things for once you are not within the browser. Minimalist Everything for Chrome will send desktop notifications, moreover as set Gmail as your default mail consumer. Similarly, Firefox’s internet protocol handler can make love mechanically (by asking you if you wish to use Gmail whenever you hit a mailto link). However, if you wish alittle a lot of system-wide coverage, you’ll be able to install one among the subsequent applications:
Google’s Gmail Notifier: Google has created their own Google notifier for each mack and Windows, that sends you notifications for brand new email, moreover as holding set Gmail as your default mail consumer. it’s going to run in your system receptacle or menu bar, send word you of recent messages, and take you to Gmail whenever you hit a “mailto” link.
Gmail Growl: If you utilize the Growl for Windows notification system, the Gmail Growl program won’t solely send word you of recent messages, however additionally set Gmail as your system-wide mail consumer. mack users with Growl will add the Google+Growl program to the higher than Google Notifier for Growl integration moreover.
Further Reading
We’ve tried to hide the maximum amount as doable here, however we tend to might honestly remark Gmail forever. once you’ve got more matured all the higher than tips and tricks, take care to envision out these posts for even a lot of Gmail goodies:
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