Human Mind Hacking! the Hack of the Future !


Human Mind Hacking! the Hack of the Future !


Mind hacking, “The smartest Act” to read the content of the human brain. You can not only read the thoughts of a person but modify them too.

Yes, This is the technology tested to penetrate our mind!



Mind hacking essentially refers to the chance of reading the thoughts of the human brain to extract any quite sensitive data the brain contains, be it the active or the passive mind. it’s additionally potential to inject new data and modify the Past trends(As per sources).
Studies prove that The Human mind is susceptible to several hacking attacks. The state of the art of technology already permits researchers to understand changes within the force field associated with the brain activity. This makes the researchers ready to browse people’s thought.

An prestigious Neurotechnologist man. Duke of Edinburgh Low is presently engaged on coming up with of alittle and sensible moveable brain monitor known as iBrain. This device are capable of detective work the brain’s electrical activity from the surface of the scalp. they are saying tho’ that people with amyotrophic lateral induration or similar body and mind capabilities still have a healthy brain activity. With this iBrain may be even wont to management a mouse pointer on a display screen.


Researchers at the Usenix Security conference have incontestible that exploiting a zero-day vulnerability within the human brain. they need with success well-tried that its potential to hack human brain!
Scientists used an advertisement ready-made brain-computer interface for the brain hacking leading to the revelation of data that victims had in their minds.
The brain-computer interface consists of principal elements
Hardware composed by a (an EEG; associate degree electroencephalograph) equipped with a series of sensors that square measure placed directly on the human scalp
The code designed to interpret brain activity signals
The price for a Brain pc Interface is reasonably diminished within the last years, simply $200-300 square measure adequate to shop for associate degree Emotiv or Neurosky BCI, instantly usable to regulate the user pc.
The Brain Computer Interfaces shall be accompanied with some advanced API to build applications able to elaborate BCI’s output.  Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Geneva, and the University of California, Berkeley have designed an application which is able to access to sensitive data in the human brain, hacking brain makes possible the disclosure of sensitive information such as the debit card PIN, home location and month of birth. The following graphs illustrate the results of the tests conducted with 28 participants, it is important to specify that participants in the program were cooperative because they were not aware of the brain hacking experiment that had a 10 to 40% chance of success.
The pattern is observable when humans see something that is meaningful or recognize something that is related to their daily tasks.
“The researchers basically designed a program that flashes up pictures of maps, banks, and card PINs, and makes a note every time your brain experiences a P300. Afterwards, it’s easy to pore through the data and work out — with fairly good accuracy — where a person banks, where they live, and so on.”
brain hacking P300 response
The attacks appear not applicable with none collaborative subjects, this means that is not possible during an interrogation, as victims could deceive the device using social engineering techniques!
Moving forward we can imagine malware able to compromise our brain capturing our electric impulse generated by our brains, but what would be the effect of a malicious attack on the human mind?
The principal nightmare is related the mental modification, the possibility to alter the state of human main, brain hacking could also refer the act to focus the brain in an extreme state, moving the mind in what is called “in the zone” status.
“The Neurotech company Berka runs are developing technology to monitor people’s brain activity during a task, such as archery, and notify them when they have reached their “peak performance state,” aka, thezone. Essentially, the technology gives people the ability to hack into their own brains in order to improve their performance.”
The future is now … let’s start to think how to secure our brain!

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