Government bans phones with fake, duplicate IMEI numbers

Government bans phones with fake, duplicate IMEI numbersGovernment has prohibited imports of all quite mobile handsets with pretend or duplicate distinctive identity numbers, a move that may facilitate security agencies in following callers victimization totally different

sim cards.

“GSM mobile handsets with duplicate IMEI or pretend IMEI & ‘CDMA mobile handsets’ with duplicate ESN (Electronic Serial Number)/MEID (Mobile instrumentation Identifier) or pretend ESN/MEID square measure more to the list of ‘Prohibited’ things for import,” director general of foreign trade same during a notification.

An IMEI (International Mobile instrumentation Identity) variety a 15-17 digit variety distinctive to mobile phones that use the worldwide system for mobile communications (GSM) technology platform is employed to spot a tool on a mobile phone network.

The distinctive variety helps in following mobile phones. The move aims to ascertain proliferation of mobile handsets with duplicate or cloned IMEI numbers, that square measure dangerous for national security. whereas there’s already AN order in situ that bans import of mobile phones with pretend, while not or with ’00..00′ IMEI numbers, the new order places bans on duplicate handsets further.

“We welcome any quelling in pretend IMEI or gray market. The implementation of this notification on ground can got to be handled with care in order that easy business isn’t hampered whereas edge gray market,” Indian Cellular Association national president Pankaj Mohindroo same.

Mobile phones while not the distinctive security code square measure creating inroads into the gray market by biological research the IMEI numbers of real sets. Duplicates phone have additional more to woes of shoppers, corporations further as security agencies.

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