Google confirms it is working on Glass 2


Google confirms it is working on Glass 2

Google confirms it is working on Glass 2



As the world remains in kind of shock over the news of fast Google Glass ending, Google has confirmed it’s truly engaged on associate degree upgraded Google Glass two.
While asserting the closure of its Google Glass human programme and taking the initial wearable device off sale, the corporate in a very Google+ post discovered that “you can begin to envision future versions of Glass once they square measure prepared.”

“As we glance to the road ahead, we have a tendency to realise that we’ve outgrown the science lab then we’re formally “graduating” from Google[x] to be our own team here at Google. We’re excited to be moving even a lot of from idea to reality,” the post browse.

“As a part of this transition, we’re closing the human Programme thus we are able to concentrate on what is returning next.”

“January nineteen are the Last Judgment to induce the Glass human Edition. within the in the meantime, we’re continued to create for the long run,” it more browse.

According to The Wall Street Journal, future generation of the wearable device can arrive in 2015.

“It isn’t clear what Intel chip Google can use within the new edition of Glass, however there’ll be a stress on power conservation,” the report aforesaid

Next version of Google Glass to be sleeker:

Google Glass

The refashion of Intel-powered Google Glass might look slimmer and sleeker than its earlier version.
The exteriors of the new device additionally adds a rough-textured space to the touch-sensitive facet panel wherever non-voice interactions square measure performed, media reports aforementioned. Google Glass is anticipated to be disclosed next year.

The Google patent describes a sleeker version of Google Glass that ought to still draw lots of public attention. the complete factor seems a lot of sort of a art movement receiver and fewer sort of a changed try of glasses.

Google Glass may enter emergency room at Reliance Foundation Hospital



Mumbai’s Sir explosive Reliance Foundation Hospital and analysis Centre can shortly be transferral Google Glass to its ER, that may enable its doctors to use the fashionable  technology to access past medical records for fast response.
Google Glass could be a small laptop mounted on eye glasses created by computer program large Google.

The restored hospital, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week, are the primary within the country to use the search large Google’s smart-eyewear in its everyday operations. The project continues to be in its pilot part and can be deployed across the hospital inside a month’s time, in line with Mukesh Jainist, CIO at the 345bed, multi-specialty hospital.


‘Google Glass may not have a very good 2015’


The dear wearable school has did not catch on with the plenty. Next year might not be any higher for Google Glass, reports CNBC.
Before it becomes a shopper hit, Glass can would like support from the developer community.

Google Glass set to enter International Space Station

 Google Glass

 The wearable eye device from Google is geared up to enter the International satellite (ISS) for a platyhelminth study next week.

Part of the package to be sent to the satellite aboard the houseX launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in FL on Dec sixteen, Google Glass are going to be tested as associate degree increased reality tool within the pre-flight integration and post-flight operations, the magazine Glass Almanac reported .

The mission can take a team from the Tufts Center for Regenerative and biological process Biology, in partnership with the non-profit Bluegrass State house, to the ISS. 

Google Glass app that gives you info on’everything’

 Google Glass

Although the immediate business way forward for Google Glass seems bleak, a series of apps to be showcased this coming back weekend and deployable on it wearable laptop give a glimpse into its long-range potential.
One example is ‘Glass Genius’, associate application created at the University of Southern California Annenberg faculty for Communication and Journalism, wherever over the past 3 months, eleven students experimented with the Google Glass eyewear to make a useful gizmo for media professionals.

“It was a 15-week ‘hackathon’ (software production marathon),” net journalism faculty member Henry Martyn Robert Hernandez, a devotee of latest technologies World Health Organization has uploaded the results of his pioneering category to the web site, told Efe agency in associate interview.

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