MilesWeb Review: India’s Fastest Growing Web Hosting Company


Web Hosting market:

Web hosting service allows individuals or organizations to post websites, blogs and articles on the internet. Due to the digital era, this sector is growing beyond our expectations and I can tell you


The database is a crucial thing to maintain by every business owner. Thus you can get hosting services from MilesWeb to secure your data from any threats.

This industry is projected to expand at 15.9% CAGR between 2018 to 2023. With rapid internet usage, many businesses are looking for the online space to channelize their products.

Hence, there’s always a tough competition among all web hosting companies. You need to have that odd factor in you to be the most favorable one.

Type’s of Web Hosting in India:

It important for you to choose from the below explained hosting types as per your needs:

1) Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a most common type of hosting, where multiple sites are put on a single server for hosting. All sites share server’s drive space, bandwidth as per their requirements. There are also linux shared hosting plans for your website.


A) Low cost: Shared hosting is a very cost effective hosting service.

B) Convenience: Struggling from our daily work we all want a convenience at all stages including to manage our website. Under shared hosting, your website will be handled and managed by highly skilled experts.This gives you an adequate convenience.


A) Security: Cyber crimes are raising daily therefore it is necessary for you to ensure that your website is secured. But in shared hosting as you share server’s resources with other website owners security lacks here. Your competitors can access your data especially if you are not good coding.

B) Performance: As multiple webistes share same server, the loading speed of the websites decays.

Let’s take an example, if you are riding on a road where there are no traffic signals.What will happen?

You may find yourself stuck at one place for long time beacuse many vehicles are running on the same road at the same time. The place where you were supposed to reach in 1hour may require you  2-3 hours to reach. Similar happens when many websites run on same server.

2) VPS Hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Sever, which acts as a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. That means it’s a combination of shared and dedicated hosting.


1) Privacy: As the OS is not shared with anyone else, so no other websites can access your files.

2) Dedicated resources: On a VPS server there is a dedicated amount of RAM available to every user.


1) If a physical server fails all the VPS on that server will also fail.

2) In VPS hosting you cannot add more resources like RAM, processor for data backup to the server.

3) Dedicated Server Hosting:In dedicated server hosting a dedicated server is allotted for a single website.


A) Resources: Here the server is for your alone usage so the resources are not shared with anyone.


B) Powerful: The server is powerful enough to handle thousands of visitors daily.

A) Cost: Dedicated sever hosting is costlier than Shared hosting and VPS hosting.

B) Control: Having your own server means you need to control everything about it which can be a difficult task.

4) Reseller Hosting: Reseller Hosting is a type of hosting where user can rent his share of drive space and bandwidth with other users.


A) Extra income: Many users see this as an extra income as they can rent resources at their price to other customers.


A) Distracting: Being a reseller host means managing the service you provide to others. This can be a distraction to your work.

5) WordPress Hosting: In WordPress hosting, all the technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the host.


A) Plugin updates: WordPress latest version has been designed so that it can update itself.

B) High Speed performance: On WordPress sever, only those modules are installed that are needed to run WordPress thus providing high speed performance.


A) Not flexible: Even if you are allowed to host multiple websites you are limited to build only WordPress websites.

6) Cloud Hosting: In cloud hosting resources from cloud computing providers are procured to host the server.


A) High Speed: Cloud hosting allows you to deploy the service very quickly that means in fewer clicks.

B) Backup: All the data gets stored on cloud.Thus, it’s easy to take backup and recovery of data.


A) Flexibity: Cloud service runs on remote access which makes it difficult for companies to have a control over its hardware and software.

Now when you are clear about the types of hosting you can take clear decision which type to choose.

I’ll like to tell you a one stop solution for all these types of web hosting – MilesWeb.

MilesWeb: MilesWeb is India’s #1 Hosting company since 2012. MilesWeb makes sure that your website is secure,fast and always up. It offers everything that you need to build,host and manage a website.

Web Hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb provides you following plans to choose from in web hosting:

1) Business Hosting in Cloud:

It is a one stop solution for eCommerce , high traffic and growing business websites.

Visit MilesWeb:

2) Unlimited Hosting:

MilesWeb is a world class hosting provider that provides web hosting solutions all types thus it saves your time and money.         

Visit MilesWeb:

3) Basic Shared Hosting:

MilesWeb has highly reliable shared hosting servers.

Visit MilesWeb:

4) Windows Shared Hosting:

Windows hosting is ideal for users seeking to integrate Microsoft applications such as ASP, ASP .NET, Frontpage, Visual Basic, MS Access or MS SQL Databases within their websites. Hosted on Windows Server 2012 platform with Plesk control panel, MilesWeb’s shared Windows hosting plans offer everything you may need including multiple domain hosting, multiple databases, unlimited e-mails, 24×7 uninterrupted support, maximum uptime and unbeatable reliability. They offer server location only in India for their Windows hosting plans.

Visit MilesWeb:

What makes MilesWeb the India’s fastest growing Web Hosting Company:

MilesWeb understands the client’s need and provides everything that you should look for best Web Hosting company in India:

1) Server location:

Server location plays important role for your website loading speed. Living in India you should look out for the servers located in India or nearby areas.MilesWeb servers are located in India, UK and USA choose the one according to your locality.

2) Uptime:

While looking for web hosting company in India you should select the one which provides atleast 99% uptime. But MilesWeb is little ahead of all and provides you 99.95% Uptime.

3) Support:

MilesWeb provides 24*7*365 days support to their customers.

4) Storage:

Storage matters as it tells you how many files you can upload to your website.

As per your business MilesWeb has differet plans for you.

5) Backup:

MilesWeb provides you the facility to take regular backups for your database, email files and website on daily basis.

Wrapping Up:

After reading this article you might have known that MilesWeb can be your best choice for web hosting as it stands on the 3 pillars – 24*7*365 days support, 30 days money back guarantee and 99.95% Uptime.

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