“How To Find Lost Android Using Google?”


ThisĀ  tutorial will help you to track your lost Android’s position using Google. So if you had lost your smartphone you will be keen in finding it back, right? Actually this is a feature of Android Smartphones provided by Google, to know more about this trick follow the following tutorial:
When you are using your smartphone you are requested to connect it to your Gmail address, right? Then you and Google are connected via this mail, for example you can then Download Apps from Play Store, Access your Mail, Connect Gmail, Google Map… So this mail connection will help you to find your Android as well in case you lose it.
Assume that you had lost your Android and now you want to get it back. For getting your Android back you need to find its location first so to do so, first you should sign in to your Gmail (The Mail You Had Used in Your Android Smartphone), once you signed in then open Google in another tab of your browser. After that write this keyword in Google “Find My Phone”. Done!!!
Now you will see your Android’s location, hope this tutorial has helped you. If you have any problem or difficulty in the tutorial don’t hesitate to share it in the comment box below.

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