Android 1.0 Features




Most of the mobile users are using Android Software based mobiles and it the most accurate rate of growth in industry

Android was Developed by Google.corp



Do you know Android 1.0 has no Code Name

That means Android 1.0  have no name


  • Android 1.0 the first Commercial Version of software.
  • The First Android 1.0 device was

– The HTC  DREAM (G1).

Android  Market Application Downloads and Updates through the Market App. 


Web Browser:

→ HTML AND XHTML WEB pages   are shown in the windows.


 Camera Support:

→ To change the Camera Resolution ,White balance, quality etc.


⇒App Icon’s

→To set group of icon’s into a Single folder icon on the home screen

⇒Access to web E-mail servers

→Supporting POP3, IMAP4, & SMT

Gmail Synchronization with the Gmail app:

⇒Google Map :

→with Latitude and Street View

⇒  Google contact:

→ Google Synchronization with people app


⇒Google search:

→ Google search engine is the fastest searching app in Android 1.0.


 ⇒Instant Messaging , Text messaging:

→ MMS.


⇒Google calendar:

→Synchronize  with calendar app


⇒Stereo Bluetooth support

⇒Notifications appears in the status bat

⇒Voice dailer

⇒Media player

⇒Voice Dailer:


 ⇒Wallpaper for background images

⇒YouTube video player



⇒Other App’s:

→ Alarm clock



→Home Screen(launcher)

→Pictures (galleary)



         Android 1.0 is the first level API in Android world.

         Android 1.0 is not supported the Security Patch.


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